Tuesday, June 05, 2007

worshipping method of goddess durga

mother goddess durga
There are many many methods of worship of maa durga or kaali maata or the universal mother. Variation is such that we can not even think of the tantrik poojas. But i am telling about simplest method to invoke the grace of mother to achieve your day to day problems.
I was wondering from company to company on job and no where i could retain my post more than a year. I prayed mother kaamakshi in delhi and because of her grace only i came to chennai, nearer to kanchi. Even in chennai i had to change jobs, because of whims and fancies of the employers or my badluck, mother protected me by retaining me in chennai, nearer to her.
I am vexed up with small comapny jobs, though i have good qualifications and experience (from my point of view). I lost my job again in a company in november. from there on i started vigourously praying Her by visiting nearby amman temple, making pradakshinas to her temple, almost regularly.
finally maa , mother graced in the month of june, that i got my dream job, for which i was waiting for a decade. I salute again to her protective feet for her grace.

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